Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas decor

I LOVE Christmas decorations! This year I was so excited, we did it all the day after Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait to throw away the pumpkins (though I love Fall decor too, I was tired of it after two months) and pull out the Christmas boxes. I also found a sign I've been wanting on sale during my black Friday shopping, and it inspired me to finally change-up my boring living room wall. Having some cute new family pictures to put up helped the cause as well. With the new collage wall and the Christmas decorations up, our living room is festive and homey... I love it! This post probably should have been posted at the beginning of the month... but hey! At least it's up before I pull all the decorations down. :)
The sign on the top left is the one I bought at Meijer. It says, "In this house we treat friends like family and family like friends." I love it because it really is how we feel about our friends out here right now... they have become our family while we are so far away from ours. The little white shelf was a yard sale steal I got when we first moved, but it hasn't had a home till now. It gave me one more place to decorate, which is nice in our small space. And of course I am in love with our new family pictures. Basically, I just love how the colors all tie together and make the room cozy. I know it's not extravagant, but it makes me happy right now!
Now our stairwell isn't so bare!

Here are our gingerbread houses that took a couple days to complete due to runny icing and an under-the-weather mommy! This was basically a mommy and Maybrie project. Or rather a me project while Maybrie ate candy and watched!

These are my too pinterest holiday crafts I did... super cheap and super easy. That's probably the only reason they were done at all! :)
 String art tree to hold Christmas cards/pictures
 Peppermint candy wreath
(Funny story. I hung this on our front door the night after completion, super excited. The next morning we opened the door to go to church and the candies were melting... actually dripping off! Our storm door works as a little oven apparently, so the wreath quickly got moved inside. I was going to fix it, but then decided it still looks fine. Plus, I'm lazy! ha ha)

 Stockings hung
 Tree decorated
 Nativity displayed

Yep, we're all ready for Christmas at our house! Can't believe it is only 4 days away! 

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  1. Merry Christmas! Glad you had a good one. The kids look so cute.