Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in Indy

This was our first Christmas in Indiana and our first Christmas without seeing any of our family on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Last year was the first time we did Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house with just our little family, and we really enjoyed it. This year didn't disappoint, though it was much quieter than years past, especially once the kids went to bed (quite relaxing I must admit).

I started out the month with a long holiday "To Do" list with lots of fun places and things to do in the city and various location, not to mention all of the traditional things like wrapping gifts, baking cookies, etc. I definitely got a running start and packed a bunch in at the beginning of the month, but things slowed way down when I got hit with a sore throat and then yucky cough/runny nose right after. The kids both caught it from me, so for a good week and a half we mostly stayed home, watched Christmas movies, and slept.

We finally got feeling better half way through last week. Brian didn't really mind having lazy inside days at home at the beginning of his break because he was so exhausted after finals anyway. We did venture out to a Jazz vs. Pacers basketball game downtown on Wednesday night with our friends The Daetwyler's and The Hobson's. Then on Thursday we went to the Children's Museum so Brian could see the kids with Santa and ride the big Yule Slide. We always have a blast at the museum, and it's fun for Brian to be there with us. I got to go to a girl's game night at my friend Dawn's house while Brian watched the BYU bowl game.

 Cutest cookie I've ever seen, made by my friend Jenny. Maybrie was thrilled to see I brought it home for her!
 Go Jazz!

Yule Slide with Daddy

Visting Santa
Hot Wheels exhibit is always fun!
Maybrie out in our first snow, it came the weekend before Christmas.

Friday... 12/21/12, instead of the world ending, Brian and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. Brian was sweet enough to let me sleep in, leisurely get ready for the day, and run some errands by myself... I love my kids, but it was nice to have a little ME time. I think Brian knew I would have more energy and be in a better mood on our date that night if I had a relaxing day (which is true). We paid our first Young Woman babysitter here (all of our friends we usually babysit swap with are gone visiting family for the holidays). We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had a good time, but honestly our meals were a little disappointing for the price. The cheesecake we took home and ate later was amazing though. I guess we'll just go for dessert next time. With the help of our awesome friends, The Daetwyler's, I was able to put together a slide show with pictures and music that recaps our first five years of marriage. It turned out awesome and totally got me choked up and sentimental. It was a great evening to remember our wedding day and how happy we are with our life together.

On Christmas Eve we spent the morning cleaning up the house and lazily getting ready for the day. We kept things pretty low key, Brian and I wanted to spend more of our time enjoying the kids than slaving over some fancy meals/activities. That afternoon Brian and Maybrie baked sugar cookies during nap time. I helped the kids decorate them while Brian prepared dinner. Thomas mostly ate M&M's and Maybrie dumped the sprinkles. Following Reynolds family tradition we made vegetable chowder for dinner, chicken noodle soup for the kids, with rolls and a cheese ball with crackers. After dinner we did a special family home evening. We lit our candles on our bookshelf for the first time- so pretty. We sang Christmas carols, and the kids moved the nativity pieces while Brian read the story of Jesus's birth from Luke in the bible. It was pretty entertaining with Thomas making animal sounds of the cows and sheep throughout. Then we let the kids open their pajamas, Maybrie got Ariel and Thomas got Mickey Mouse (though his were a little small, the top didn't even cover his tummy completely!). Brian surprised with a nice lightweight pair that I love... I wasn't expecting any cause we had decided not to do them for us this year. We read some Christmas stories, let the kids Skype with their grandparents to show off their new pajamas, set out cookies for Santa, and then sent them to bed. Brian and I enjoyed watching It's a Wonderful Life while we set out the presents and filled stockings.


On Christmas morning Maybrie woke us at 5:45, having wet the bed. Typically I would be extremely annoyed by this, but I knew she stayed up way past her bedtime unable to fall asleep due to excitement, and that that led her to wet her bed. We cleaned it up and let her climb in bed with us, since I was too lazy to make her bed and I knew she wouldn't fall back asleep knowing Santa had come anyway. At about 6 she told me she could hear Santa's bells. Then a few minutes later Brian tells her to go downstairs and check if Santa came. She is afraid he will see her and asks me to come with her. Brian's arm was around me and as she tries to pull me out of bed she says, "Daddy, stop touching mommy!" Brian and I had a good laugh, and I went downstairs with her because she was just too cute to say no to. When she saw the presents, our full stockings, and a Cinderella dress laid out for her she shouted with excitement! Brian heard every word upstairs! It was a perfect reaction, and she couldn't wait to run up and tell daddy Santa came. We opened our stockings and got a roast and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the oven before Thomas woke up. His reaction to his basketball hoop was just as priceless. Maybrie held on tight to her dress and twirled around the room saying how beautiful it was and Thomas immediately started dunking basketballs. They loved opening presents. It went faster this year because Maybrie was too excited to let us go slow and savor each gift. :) We ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and played all morning (well, Brian and the kids did, I went back to bed because 4 hours didn't cut it for me!). We had a nice roast dinner and cheesecake with the missionaries that afternoon. It was both their first Christmas in the field. We were glad they were able to share it with us. It was a fun day. We definitely feel blessed and had a very Merry Christmas this year!

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  1. Oops the merry Christmas comment I made was supposed to be on this post. Lol. My phone swiped posts I guess when I was scrolling down go make a comment and it went from Christmas to the Christmas decos. Haha. Anywho, looks like you all had a good holiday season.