Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trip to Utah

I had the opportunity to fly to Utah to see my brother who returned from his 2 year LDS mission to Mexico this month. I took Thomas with me since he could ride for free on my lap. Also, I really wanted Spencer to meet him since he was born while he was gone. We flew out the morning of Thursday, Dec. 27th. It would have been a direct flight, but they offered a $400 travel voucher for taking a later flight, so I took it. I decided 5 hours in an airport with Thomas was worth it. So, Thomas and I flew to Memphis, TN, hung out there for almost 5 hours and then flew to Salt Lake City. We arrived at 4pm. Thomas was such a great traveling companion. He loved the airport, seeing all of the different people, shops, moving walkways, etc. He was very happy all day, especially considering he was up early to catch our original flight, and was traveling so long. 
 Indianapolis International Airport- bright and early
He loved watching the planes out the big windows.
 Ready for take off... Thomas loved the safety manual in the seat pocket for some reason :)

Playing in the Memphis airport

 Thomas finally crashed and had about an hour nap before we took off in Memphis.
 He thought helping push our suitcase was the funnest thing... and he got a lot of attention from others walking by too. It was pretty darn cute! I don't think I could have a cuter helper!

I got to spend a lot of time visiting with my brother and parents that first night. My sister and her family arrived from Washington state that night too. I feel especially close to them because we lived by them the past two years. It is always crazy to see how much the kids have grown since we saw them last. We were excited to get Thomas and his cousin Ren (2 years) together again now that they are both walking and can play together. They had so much fun! All of my family ate Thomas up! He has learned to walk since they last saw him and has kind of transitioned from baby to toddler while we've been in Indiana. 

On Friday I got to play with my nieces and nephews, go shopping with my nieces Helen and Rachel, eat In' N' Out for lunch, and attend my sister Keri's wedding to David Berry. On Saturday we went to a matinee of Les Miserables which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it was incredibly well done. Sunday was my brother Spencer's homecoming talk at church. He did such a great job and the spirit so strong. It was obvious that he loved his mission and served faithfully. I am SO proud of him! We had a luncheon at my parents' home after, where we got to visit with some of my extended family that came. It is always so fun to catch up with family. I had a wonderful visit. Thomas was a little fussy at times, mostly because he was still on Eastern time and his schedule got turned upside down. He still brought plenty of giggles, singing and dancing to entertain as well. We flew home early Monday morning and were able to make it home in time to celebrate New Year's with Brian and Maybrie. I am glad that Brian and Maybrie had some fun bonding time at home while we were gone too. I think it was very good for Maybrie to get so much one-on-one attention from daddy.

P.S. I didn't take very many pictures. It went by too fast. I finally snagged one shot with Spence at about midnight the night before I left! :)
 Cousins- Ren and Thomas

 My niece Penelope got my camera and I found many pictures like this! haha
 Thomas and Ren watching movies... kids and their electronics today! They both had to hold their own!
 Dancing. The girls danced in a circle around Thomas and Ren. They loved it!
 Anna and Thomas
 Reading with Grandma 
(Thomas absolutely LOVES his new animal book they gave him for Christmas.)

 Thomas and Ren watching Rio on Aunt Hillary's lap
 My second cousin Trevor was one of the few who was lucky enough to hold Thomas... he wouldn't go to everyone :(
 Thomas LOVES Uncle Spencer! So glad they finally got to play together. :)

 Justin and Jessica
 Noelle, Jane, Tim, Grace (Thomas)
 Rachel and Helen
Me and Spencer
Welcome Home Spence! I am so glad I got to come see you (and the rest of the family). Good luck going back to school at BYU-I next week. Love you!


  1. What a fast week for you and lots of fun. I bet it was nice to travel with just Thomas. Little mommy and son time. Thomas makes ren look so small when they sit next to each other! I'm glad you were able to go see family.

  2. It was fun to see you guys. I'm so sad my family was sick and really missed out, but I'm glad I got to see you as much as I did. Thomas pushing that luggage is a crackup! What a cutie!