Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yucky Noses

We didn't do a whole lot this week since Thomas came down with a cold last weekend and Maybrie picked it up too mid week. We stayed cooped up inside with me wiping runny noses every time I turned around. Yuck! The kids finally seemed to be doing better on Thursday so we went and checked out the Greenwood library... which is awesome. The kids had fun playing and it was nice to actually get outside and see life! haha I then took them to lunch at Wendy's... something I never do. I was hungry and still wanted to run another errand, so I splurged. The kids loved it, they could seriously live off of chicken nuggets! That night we went to the ward chili cook-off. It was nice to have a day free of cooking and visit with friends. Today was Maybrie's first primary program. She knew her part and all of the songs, but she has horrible stage fright so we weren't expecting much. She did stand at the podium while her teacher said her part for her and she stood for all the songs. Brian thought she looked like a deer in headlights the whole time! At least she stayed up there and didn't cry...maybe next year will be better. Thomas loved the program, I'm sure he will be hilarious when he finally gets to go up there. Every time the kids stood to sing he would say, "Jump up and sing song. Where Maybrie?" He would climb on one of our laps to see. It was really cute. The spirit was very strong. For the duet "A Child's Prayer" they had six sisters stand and sing the teachers part. It was beautiful and totally brought me to tears. I love hearing the testimonies of primary children. 
 My little helpers putting away the silverware... they love to help, especially Thomas. In fact, I can't seem to cook or clean without him "helping" anymore. :)
 Thomas decided he wanted another bath one night and climbed in to join Maybrie with his pajamas on! Crazy kid!
 Thomas loves to play dollhouse these days... he just put the princess to bed!
 Greenwood Library

 Lunch at Wendy's
 Cuddling mommy while watching a movie... we do a lot of this lately.
On Saturday Brian was good enough to let the kids help him clean the bathroom while I went grocery shopping. Thomas is a happy little worker!

 In their Sunday best... Thomas got to wear this adorable hand-me-down from cousin Aidan today.


  1. Glad their colds weren't long hard ones where you had to stay in FOREVER! love their helpfulness. :) And of course, cute pics. :)

  2. I hate that you're so far away for so long! I want to squeeze Thomas and have Howie play with his cousins!!!