Monday, November 18, 2013

Just keep swimming

Thomas has been watching Finding Nemo this week and Dory's advice to "just keep swimming" seems pretty applicable at this point in my pregnancy. I have four weeks left until my due date, and I wish I had delivered yesterday! I am extremely uncomfortable and just plain hurt all the time, so I'm ready to get my body back and care for our baby on the outside of me.
It was another exam week for Brian. The kids and I got to play with lots of friends this week. We went to the Kirkwood's on Monday so Holly could trim my hair and then the kids played at the McFarland's while I went to the doctor. On Wednesday we went to story time at the library for preschool and had Kade over for a couple hours after and on Thursday we went to playgroup at the Haslam's. It's always nice to get out and visit friends. We're always excited to spend some time with daddy at the end of a long test week. On Saturday we went to Costco together (we always have fun there) and then watched the second half of the BYU football game at the Wilson's. On Sunday we only had sacrament meeting. The bishopric cancelled the rest of the meetings due to severe storm and tornado warnings. I was surprised because we get warnings all the time and never see any action. The big storm actually did end up hitting us right when we would have been leaving church, so the cancellation was definitely inspired. We were fine here in Indy, but the state of Indiana did get hit with 9 tornadoes. Brian secretly wants to see one or at least hear the sirens go off (without causing us harm of course). We are grateful we are safe.
  Making music with a water bottle flute and canned vegetable drums.
 I just love Thomas in this sweater... he looks so handsome and grown up!
 35 weeks pregnant... baby Ezra is packing on the pounds.
 Andrea and Marcus gave us this little bookshelf they no longer need and it fits perfectly in our storage room. Brian set it all up while I napped on Saturday... oh how organization makes me happy!
 Maybrie cleaning the sink
 "When we're helping we're happy!"
  We cut Thomas's hair this weekend... he looked so handsome in his little suit on Sunday.
 Thomas helping daddy with dishes... Thomas comes running whenever he hears the water running!

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