Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ezra- 8 months

This week Brian went back to school... sort of. He only has two classes for the next four weeks and has been home by lunch everyday. So I guess we're easing into this year! Brian has let me go to the gym when he gets home, so I was able to work out four times this week. It's nice getting it done during the day instead of having to wait till the kids are in bed at night. The kids and I kept busy with a few outings this week- splash pad at Carson park with Montagna's and Hobson's on Monday, library story time on Tuesday with lots of friends, and a 50 cent showing of Turbo at the movie theater Wednesday morning (during which Ezra and I both got to sport a lovely coat of his orange spit up through out). I got to go to the relief society service activity on Wednesday night where we made pillows and blankets for kids in need. I always love visiting with the awesome sisters in our ward. On Thursday the kids helped me bake brownies for a funeral... they are always good at licking the spoons and mixer clean! We also had the elders over for dinner. On Friday night we had the Kirkwood's, Pulham's, Thayn's and Maxwell's over for a back-to-school BBQ. It's always so fun watching the kids play together... and the dads who played golf in the park! On Saturday Maybrie got to go Lilly Hay's "Frozen" birthday party, which she loved, of course. We also watched the MacFarland's four kids while they went on a date. We are started a date night/babysitting swap with them where we alternate who goes out each weekend. Today church was really uplifting, especially the relief society/priesthood lesson where we went over President Uchtdorf's talk "Grateful In Any Circumstances." Oh, and I forgot to mention that I got a million bug bites while sitting in the grass talking Monday night. Some people said it could have been chigger bites so I put some clear finger nail polish on them. It helped. Don't know if it was chiggers or mosquitos, I just know I had a very itchy few days and I am so grateful that they are clearing up and the itch finally stopped yesterday!

Ezra turned 8 months old on Monday this week! He is scooting all over the place and getting very fast. He is our little mover, so curious. I'm afraid he is going to be our busy, mischievous child. He loves his baby food and is now enjoying picking up and feeding himself the little puff snacks. He still spits up a lot, and the drooling, fussiness, and shoving everything in his mouth our sure signs that teeth are on the horizon. He has the cutest smile. He is still constantly clobbered by his big brother and sister. I have been able to lay him down awake for his naps and bed for a couple weeks now, which is nice. Oh and he loves the water! He has discovered splashing and thinks the bath tub is the greatest. We love our little mover!

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