Sunday, July 20, 2014

Final week of summer break

On Monday we drove up to the north end of town with Brian to take his laptop to the Apple store and Thomas asked, "Can I have my next prize?" Haha He's just beginning to understand that road trip prizes do not exist while driving around town. We took the kids to Sahm Aquatic Center in Fishers and they had a blast. Beach entry is so fun for kids who can't swim yet. They loved the water slide too. Ezra loves playing in the water also. Brian put our hammock up in the backyard and we all love lounging in it. Thomas keeps asking to put up the "tent"... he doesn't remember the word hammock yet. Maybrie and Thomas have been playing so well together lately. I am wondering how Thomas is going to handle Maybrie going to school all day in a week and a half. 

On Tuesday I took Maybrie to the dentist to have her first filling. She was so brave and did everything exactly as asked. I took her to buy her school supplies and she picked a princess backpack that lights up. When I took her to buy new shoes for school she was not excited about having to pick tennis shoes. She just wanted sparkly sandals! Sorry, school rules! Kind of crazy that I have a child going to school already. The weather has been so nice and cool this week, it feels like fall. We have taken advantage of it and have been playing at the dinosaur park, in the backyard, and Hummel park on Friday.

On Wednesday we went to story time at the library and the new storyteller is very engaging and funny, much better than the lady who recently retired. The kids also got to cash in the rest of their summer reading program points for prizes. That night I got to go to girl's night at a cute old-fashioned ice cream shop called Mrs. Curl's in Greenwood. I love the ladies in our ward and all of the wonderful friends I've made here. I'm also excited to get to know all of the new sisters that have recently moved in for school.

On Thursday we took the kids to the Children's Museum. It's been a while since we've gone, and I wanted to take Maybrie before she starts school. It was definitely one of our better visits... no meltdowns! We saw a show in the Lilly theater for the first time. They put on Disney Jr.'s Mulan. I know the kids loved it because they have been playing Mulan at home the past few days. We were all excited to see the new "Take me there: China" exhibit. The kids were so cute dressing up in the opera house costumes. Thomas still loves the dinosaurs and the "creek" (water table) in playscape. Maybrie is our little artist who is always interested in a session at the art studio. She kept asking me to make pictures with nature this weekend. 

We also got to have the Montagna family and the sister missionaries over for dinner this week. We have slowly been doing little organizational projects around the house and getting things in order. We have had a really great summer break with Brian. He heads back to school for year two tomorrow. These next few weeks will bring many changes to our routine with Brian and Maybrie going to school and Thomas potty training (hopefully it sticks quickly this time). Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Ezra has started scooting around this week! He will be 8 months old tomorrow. Now that he is mobile we have to teach Maybrie and Thomas to keep their little toys and things off the floor and out of Ezra's reach. I'm sure he will be crawling in no time... he is so squirmy and curious! Well, it's back to the old grind tomorrow... wish us luck!


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