Sunday, April 26, 2015

Brian's Spring Break

Even though I was still pretty sick with a nasty cough and we were staying home, we managed to squeeze some fun into daddy's week off school. We kept Maybrie home from school one day and took a day trip down to Edinburgh and Columbus, IN. We first stopped at the outlets in Edinburgh and found a pair of supportive flip flops and a pair of shoes that fit my orthotics (since breaking my foot I have to switch to more comfortable and supportive footwear) and a rain jacket for Thomas. Then we went to Columbus, which is such a cool town. We went to their children's museum called Kidscommons and had an absolute blast! It wasn't crowded at all (practically empty really), and we all had a great time. So many fun things to explore. Afterward we walked down the street to Zaharakos ice cream parlor and soda fountain for an ice cream treat. It has been open since 1900 and is just about the coolest historic step back in time I've been to. The next day we went to the zoo since the weather was nice, and the children's museum the day after. We got to see two new exhibits there: Transformers and Hollywood: You're on the set. Both were fun! The best part was just having daddy around. I wish there had been more partying and less napping on my part... which meant Brian taking over household and kid duties that I wasn't up for. But, so is life... everything isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Overall, I think we had some great outings and we were able to relax a bit together.



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