Friday, June 26, 2015

Maybrie's Spring Break

Here in Indiana the public schools have a balanced calendar, giving us a shorter summer and longer breaks in the fall and spring. So for Maybrie's two week spring break we enjoyed the sunshine and playing outside as much as we could. Ezra is climbing the playground stairs and loves going down the slides by himself... he's a little dare devil!
I got to take Maybrie on a special mommy/daughter date to see Cinderella which was awesome! We both loved it so much! 
We went to the children's museum with some friends (Wilsons and Dahls) where we got to see Bumblebee transform "for real," showed Maybrie the new Transformers exhibit, watched a Dr. Suess musical in the Lilly theater, and Maybrie got to be a helper in Playscape for the first time now that she is 6. It was one of the best trips I've ever had with all three kids by myself. Ezra was finally interested and interacting with things... he loved Babyscape and Maybrie really stepped up into her helpful big sister role. It was a good day!
We enjoyed a windy play date at Southwestway park with friends.
We went to Connor Prairie for the first time. Maybrie and Thomas had a lot of fun and Ezra was a good sport getting carted around in his stroller. Some of the exhibits are more interesting for elementary age kids, so Maybrie was more interested in listening and learning than Thomas who mostly wanted to run around. We enjoyed seeing some live animals, especially the new baby lambs and the turkey that strutted around the streets of Prairietown. 
We dyed eggs for Easter and had our annual Manchester Easter egg hunt that was a big success yet again.
We enjoyed watching General Conference from home and are grateful that the kids were pretty well-behaved allowing us to hear most of the talks.
Ezra has figured out how move chairs to get into drawers (the silverware to be specific) and can now climb onto the kitchen table! Things just got a lot busier and crazy around here with our little busy body Ezra!



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  1. So much fun! Ezra is so cute up on everything. :)