Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lori's Wedding

Brian's sister Lori got married over Mother's Day weekend and Brian and I were lucky enough to fly out to Washington for the wedding. Ezra came with us since he can still fly free and Maybrie and Thomas stayed with our good friends the Bunkers, who they love. All had a good weekend. We flew to Pasco, WA Friday night and stayed at Lisa and Jaime's house.
On Saturday morning my mom watched Ezra while we went to the temple sealing (she was in town watching my sister Jessica's kids next door while they were in Hawaii! Crazy timing!). It was so neat to be able to see both our moms over Mother's day weekend. The sealing was wonderful... so great to be there with all of Brian's siblings and their spouses. I forgot my temple recommend... oops! Luckily they got a hold of my bishop and I made it in with no problem! Lori and Stuart make a very good looking couple, and Lori was simply glowing all day, such a beautiful bride! We had a luncheon at the church, tacos at Brian's parents house and then the reception at the church that evening. Lisa headed up the decorations, Emily made the cake and Christy made the daisy cupcake toppers... all turned out beautifully. I loved the daisies and burlap... so Lori! I was really excited to figure out printing on Burlap for their wedding gift, one of my favorite Pinterest finds! 
The next day we went to church with Brian's parents and celebrated Mother's day with them in Grandview. We were able to visit with my sister Jessica and family later that night in Pasco before we flew home the next morning. During our layover in Salt Lake we volunteered to delay our flight to receive a $400 travel voucher each and spend a few hours with my family. My brother Spencer picked us up from the airport and we met my parents and two sisters Ashley and Noelle at In 'n' Out... heavenly food and company, so lucky! It was a quick but fun weekend and we are so grateful to our friends who cared for Maybrie and Thomas so we could be with Lori on her special day! And P.S. Ezra traveled SO much better than we thought he would, slept pretty much every flight! Yay!




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