Saturday, January 7, 2012

Elizabeth and Jon's Wedding

On New Year's Eve Brian's sister Elizabeth married Jonathan Robbins in the Columbia River temple. It was a beautiful sealing and we were grateful that my sister Jessica was able to watch the kids so that Brian and I could attend. It is always nice to attend weddings and remember the covenants we made ourselves. I wish I had a nice picture of Jon and Elizabeth at the temple or reception, but I forgot my camera at the first place and was too busy chasing kids at the second. They are a very happy couple and we wish them all the best!
Cutting the cake

The cousins' table- Maybrie, Emma, Lindsey, and Olivia had the cutest matching dresses (again, I wish I had a picture of them together)

Thomas was a happy boy and loved the attention from out-of-town relatives

Our family all dressed up

Me, Lisa, Lori, and Maybrie

Maybrie loved my bridesmaid bouquet and her pretty blue dress!
So cute!

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