Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maybrie's 3rd Brithday

I have a 3 year old! I can't believe it! Maybrie Rae turned 3 on Friday, January 6th. All week we have been all things princess as I went full force with what feels like the trillionth attempt at potty training Maybrie and in preparation for her Princess birthday party at the end of the week. Maybrie has had three accident-free days this week and as a reward for all of her hard work she got this Belle princess dress on her birthday. She was thrilled about the dress and is quite satisfied with her potty training progress (as am I)! Here she is on her special day, thoroughly enjoying dressing up as a princess. She spent most of the day twirling/dancing around the house!Maybrie also enjoyed helping me make sugar cookies for her "Crown" birthday cake. She spent most of her time pretending to make "pie" with the flour and little ball of dough I gave her to play with.

On Saturday we had some of her aunts, uncles, and cousins over for a Princess party! We ate yummy sub sandwiches for lunch. The girl cousins showed up in princess dresses and Maybrie helped me make wands and crowns to hand out to her cousins for the party as well. It was so fun to see the girls play, even Aidan and Tyler enjoyed the wands! Thanks to all who came and made Maybrie's birthday so fun and special!
All things princess- wands and tiaras

Here is my best attempt at a creative birthday cake. I found this crown cookie cake on Disney's family fun website. Maybrie loved it!

Birthday time!
(Tyler, Daphne, Lindsey, Lori, Thomas, Olivia, Maybrie, Naomi)

Excited birthday girl!

Maybrie got a Tangled Scrapbook Set from the Morales family. She LOVES to color, and has already had a ball with it!

We gave Maybrie the Little People castle (thanks to Emily who hand it down to us now that Emma has outgrown it). All of the kids were pretty excited to play with it!

Pretty princesses
(Naomi not pictured, and Lindsey's Cinderella dress already put away. I got busy playing hostess and didn't snag a picture till they were heading out the door!)

Happy birthday baby girl! We sure love you!

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  1. So adorable, Sums! Beautiful cake! It's hard to believe Maybrie is THREE. She is such a cutie!