Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Snow

After a very warm winter so far, we totally got dumped on this week. I don't know who was more excited... Brian or Maybrie! I had good intentions to take Maybrie out to play in it, but it didn't really let up for the first two days, and then when it did stop, it was dark. That didn't stop us however. After putting Thomas to bed I bundled up Maybrie and myself and we headed out front to play while Brian shoveled. She definitely likes snow a lot more this year than last year... since last year she wouldn't even stand in it! :) Here she is getting decked out in snow gear, anxiously waiting for me to get ready so we could go out!
The first thing she wanted to do was build a snowman, but it was way too powdery. Maybrie didn't care, she enjoyed picking it up and dumping it in piles.
This is how we ended up making a snowman... me drawing it with my boot on the sidewalk!
Maybrie also enjoyed just tromping around in the deep snow!
Afterward we headed inside and enjoyed hot cocoa, with lots of whipped cream and marshmallows, together. Maybrie loved it!
The next day Maybrie couldn't wait for Thomas to take a nap so we could head back outside to play in the snow. This time she decided she wanted to make snow angels herself rather than watch mom and dad do it. She was hilarious!
Here is a little video to see Maybrie's snow angel skills in action! Enjoy!


  1. Wow! You guys really got dumped on! At least yall can find some fun with all that snow! i love Maybrie's little hat.. so cute!

  2. Way to go for getting up the courage to get out in the snow! Maybrie looks so adorable all bundled up!

  3. Maybrie makes a great snow angel! Very cute!