Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Trip Part 3

On Saturday, between Easter egg hunts, Brian and I took the kids down to our old stomping grounds- BYU. This time we got to see the water features Brian worked on while working on BYU Grounds with water running through them (the water was off when we visited in November for Thanksgiving). It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a nice walk around the well-kept school grounds.
Brian and Thomas

I just love pretty waterfalls. Someday I'd like to have one in my own yard to enjoy... nothing like the sound of the flowing water. We also got to go to lunch at In-N-Out with our good friends Matt and JeriAnn Lukens, who we always have a great time with.

On Monday we met our friends Helaman and Maija Haynie at BYU for bowling with their kids Adam and Benson. It was Maybrie's first time and she LOVED it! I don't know if she was a better bowler or cheerleader! She was pretty enthusiastic. Thomas loved walking around the bowling ball dispenser too. It was fun to get together with them one last time before Helaman graduates and starts work in Arizona. It looks like the last of our BYU friends are graduating and starting work around the country... so this was likely the last trip to Utah where we get to catch up with friends who are still in the area going to school. :(
Maybrie cheering her purple ball on as it travels down the lane!

Benson, Thomas, and Adam- what cuties!

Maybrie using the bowling ramp... can you see the joyful smile on her face?!

On Tuesday we went up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo canyon with my mom, sisters Ashley, Jalene, and Keri, and their kids. We couldn't believe the hot sun, I actually got a tiny sunburn! It felt awesome... I am definitely ready for summer weather and all of the fun outdoor activities you can do in it.
Thomas looked stylin' in his sun hat and cargo shorts

The twins- Maeryn and Afton

Maybrie in her princess sunglasses- she loved sticking her feet in the water

Helen and Thomas

Brian and Maybrie at the base of the falls

The crew eating lunch

Anna Banana

Maeryn, Anna, Maybrie, Penelope

Me and Thomas

Daddy and Thomas

Rachel and Helen

Thomas conked out... the trip wore him out (and the rest of us for that matter!)

Our little family- the kids weren't feeling very photogenic! :)

Thomas found a new favorite play place under my parent's dining table! The rail in the middle is just the right height for him. He had a great time exploring new places and getting kissed on by all of my family. We had a wonderful trip and were so glad we got such good visits in with my family and some friends while we were there. The kids were good travelers and we made great time both ways, which is always a bonus when going on long road trips. Now it's "home again, home again! Jiggety jig!"

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