Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Trip Part 1

We decided to head down to Utah to visit my family over Easter weekend. Brian got off a little early Thursday afternoon and we jumped in the car and drove as far as the kids would allow us, knowing full well we would stop at some halfway point, but not sure where. We were glad we didn't book a room in Ontario, OR because the kids were doing great at that point and we knew we could push on to Boise, ID. I found myself in awe of modern technology as I managed to book a great room at a Holiday Inn Express on Hotwire just 14 minutes prior to our arrival on my iPhone! Did I mention how much I love my phone and how well it entertains Maybrie on long drives?! It was a wonderful addition to this road trip for sure! Plus, I don't have to feel as bad about Maybrie getting too much screen time when she has her shapes and some letters mastered after a few hours of driving! :) We reached Boise around 10pm, and let the kids enjoy moving around a little before we put them to bed. They were so thrilled to be out of the car and thought our hotel room was awesome. Thomas made sure to explore every inch of the place, and was all smiles as he did.
Thomas happily chillin' with daddy

Maybrie enjoying her LATE McDonald's dinner in our hotel room

We all slept quite well and enjoyed a yummy continental breakfast the next morning before getting back on the road. We made great time and the kids were very well-behaved. We stopped at temple square in Salt Lake and met up with my sister Noelle and her son Howie. We were excited to show Maybrie some of the sites now that she is actually understanding some of what we teach her during Family Home Evenings. When we pointed out the Conference Center to Maybrie we told her that that is where the prophet spoke to us during conference the week before. As we walked across the temple grounds Maybrie said, "I want to go see President Monson. He's my friend!" It was so sweet. Definitely a proud parent moment!
Me and Maybrie at the Christ statue in temple visitor's center

Our whole family

Noelle, Howie, Me, Thomas & Maybrie in front of the fountains at City Creek Center

The fam

We walked through the incredible new City Creek Center... it is truly a beautiful place. I love the sound of running water everywhere. We only went into the Disney store, which was absolutely magical to Maybrie and then grabbed a bite to eat at the food court.

The creek running between all the shops

Retractable awning

Water feature outside the food court

In front of the reflection pool at the Salt Lake temple

We took the kids to the children's Book of Mormon exhibit at the Church History museum. Maybrie LOVED it! It was a great interactive place to play. She, Howie, and Thomas had a lot of fun.

Maybrie and Howie having dinner with the missionaries

Thomas harvesting crops!

Picking vegetables from the garden

Howie and Maybrie driving the truck

Maybrie learning to Mexican dance

Howie relaxing with the animals

Playing in the back of the pick up truck


Maybrie painting

After a fun afternoon in Salt Lake we drove the final hour stretch down to my parent's house in Orem. We ate pizza and visited with family. We also got to visit with one of my dear childhood friends Kristi-Lynn and her family who were in town from NYC. It was fun to catch up and meet her newest addition Colton.

Ashley, Kristi-Lynn & Me

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  1. Ok, someone else I know just posted about the Church History museum in SLC and I am now convinced that we are totally going there this next week when we are in UT!! I'm so glad that yall got away and were able to see some family. Your family is so cute!