Monday, July 27, 2015

June in Indy

In June we enjoyed Brian's more relaxed schedule of half days and scattered days off. We took advantage by going on a family trip to the children's museum, where Ezra has so much fun now that he is finally figuring how to play with all of the neat things there. I got to help throw an ice cream baby showere for my friend Michaela Burns. It was super cute and simple and there was a great turn out. Her little Holland Rose is so loved! Thomas played soccer for the first time on a little league our ward put together, with one practice and one game a week for the month. It was so cute and hilarious! Though he didn't excel at the sport, he had a fun intro and we all had a great time cheering him on. Brian and I finally got to some deep cleaning and I finished my kitchen wall decor I've been putting off for months. The kids and I spent a lot of time at the library and reading at home for the library's summer reading program. Ezra has just started to love books and it is so fun reading to all three of them with him on my lap before bed. I took the kids bowling with the kids bowl free program... not as cool this year now that I have to pay $3.50 each for Maybrie and Thomas to rent shoes... so that was a one time summer outing! I also got to go into the dental school and be Brian's second patient. It was really cool to see him in action and realize just how much he has to know and how hard he works! I could never do it. So proud of him!

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