Monday, July 27, 2015

Thomas' 4th Birthday

The week of Thomas' fourth birthday we met up with the Pulhams, Maxwells, Thayns, and Kirkwoods for a splash pad playdate to celebrate Thomas, Jens, and Josiah who all have June birthdays. Thomas was so excited for his "party" all week! haha Glad he was so easy to please. For his birthday cake he requested brownies... no frosting or anything! Our chocolate lover was thrilled, and the best part was I din't have to slave over some crazy creation... Brian actually made the brownies! haha We hit the jackpot with his birthday presents... Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Rescue Bot Transformers! He was hilarious opening them! He also got some cool oobz building toys he has enjoyed too. Boy do we love our easy-going, sweet, peacemaker Thomas! He is simply a joy to have around. He constantly cracks us up, has the cutest voice, and is all boy. My favorite line he says all the time now is "oh yeah!" We couldn't imagine our family without him!

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  1. Glad he had a good birthday. I couldn't imagine our family without him either! He's so cute and funny. Tell him hi from Aunt Lisa!