Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Okay, so I know I already posted about my new couponing craze... but this deal I got today is SO awesome, I just had to share! I mentioned in my past couponing post that I tried to get these J & J baby lotion/ washes for free with coupons two weeks ago, but they were wiped out. I was bummed about yet another failed attempt at couponing for free items and decided to ask if they did rain checks for the sale price. And boy was it worth the 5-10 minutes I waited for the manager to come and fill out two rain check slips for me! I just purchased these 6 lotions/washes for...

wait for it....

$1. 16 !!!!

That is a value of almost $30 that I just got for a buck! I am stoked! I got them for $.99 each, plus I had a dollar off coupon for 4, and $.75 off 2... thus costing me $.50 + tax! AWESOME!!!! :)

P.S. Before everyone thinks I am too great, I must confess that this was all possible thanks to the awesome couponing site which did most of the investigating for me! Check it out.