Sunday, March 6, 2011

I LOVE my husband!

I know it is common for women to say how wonderful their husbands are after they are whisked away on a romantic getaway or given a nice gift. While I appreciate moments like that, I think the times I realize how much I love my husband are the weeks like this one... the bad ones!

Wednesday started off with me having a weird dizzy spell, having to call in sick to work, and getting carried back to bed by Brian. Then Brian got the devastating news from University of Washington that he was denied admission to the dental school this fall. By the evening both Maybrie and I were coughing and feeling sick.

Thursday morning both Maybrie and I woke up miserable. I went to the doctor and found out I caught yet another, even worse, strain of a cold/cough/ sinus infection. He sent me home with two antibiotics. That night Brian woke almost every hour with Maybrie and even helped me to a steam bath/shower when my sinuses became unbearable.

The next morning Brian woke to me throwing up in our bed. He heroically ran and got towels to catch it in and clean up and sent me to the bathroom to change my soiled clothes and get it cleaned out of my hair. Brian cleaned up my mess and changed the sheets while I showered. Then he came and blow-dried my hair for me and tucked me back into bed! He spent the day caring for me and Maybrie. All I have to say is that I LOVE my husband! He may be too frugal to buy me flowers on Valentine's and treat me to fancy restaurants, but he is the kindest, most loving man I know. He is there for me when it truly matters. He pushes through the tough times and truly treats me like a princess. He is also an incredible father to Maybrie and I know he will be just as great with our little boy. Brian may not be a millionaire, but he is worth a million to me! I love you Brian and am so grateful for the decision I made to marry you over three years ago.

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