Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maybrie's 1st Haircut!

Yes, I know, Maybrie is 2 years old... but it has taken her this long to grow enough hair to cut any. And actually, it was more like a trim. I tried to get her excited by saying we were playing beauty parlor, and she liked that idea. She was very cooperative. Here are her before and after shots:
You can't tell because her hair is wet, but it has been getting in her eyes.
Goodbye "mullet" or "rat tail"

No more hair in her eyes!
An evened out bob. I think it kind of looks like a little dutch boy haircut. She is too cute!


  1. Haha! i think it turnewd out pretty cute! That is totally how Ellie is going to be! She is one and is still so,so bald!

  2. Maybrie is such a cutie! She was such a little lady at the baptism yesterday. I was cracking up at the look on your face when you were...protecting her from certain other kids and their energy! Oh, and I'm so glad that Brian has a job--Jeff had to do the same "something's better than nothing" type of in between job for a while too. Now he's doing what he wants, but it's only part time! One teeny tiny step at a time, I guess! By the way, I hope you stay in our ward at least until Thomas comes!